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We Did It!

We Did It! We did it, we got to the end of our Facebook training course.  I hope you had as much fun as I had. Social media marketing has SO much potential.  My goodness so much. In fact, we’ve only barely scratched the surface here.  We would LOVE to chat with you,...

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For Your Eyes Only – More Facebook Secrets

For Your Eyes Only - More Facebook Secrets Not only is Facebook a great place to “hang” out, but it’s a place where you can truly take advantage of “the friend of a friend”.  Let me put it another way… What if you had a way to get your advertising message in front of...

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Shhhhh – Secret Facebook Strategy

Shhhhh - Secret Facebook Strategy It’s time to really blow the doors off ok? This is the single best piece of advice, we can give you, that will help explode your social media account. Just don’t share this with other businesses ok?  It’s too good 🙂 Eh?  What do you...

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Don’t Miss These Powerful Posting Tips

Don't Miss These Powerful Posting Tips Great news!  Over many years, we’ve been following social media, and Facebook specifically.  We’ve compiled a really great collection of what we consider to be the best advice you can keep in mind when writing powerful...

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The Secret To Publishing Amazing Facebook Posts

The Secret To Publishing Amazing Facebook Posts So now that you’re all set up on Facebook, it’s time to start posting, and “getting the word” out about how fantastic your business is. Remember, just being on Facebook is not enough, we need to have a strong presence on...

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Absolutely Critical To Your Success On Facebook

Absolutely Critical To Your Success On Facebook So you have your business on Facebook.  Hurray! Pat yourself on the back, seriously it’s an exciting accomplishment. But we’re not done yet.  In fact, we’re just getting started! It’s not enough to be on Facebook, you...

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Let’s Get Going Online!

Let's Get Going Online! Over the past few days, we’ve been talking a lot about how important it is for your business to be active on Facebook. Today we are actually going to get you on there 🙂 Facebook might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually pretty simple. ...

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What Are Your Business Goals?

What Are Your Business Goals? Before we jump into Facebook marketing, I want to take a moment to better understand exactly what you want to get out of it. Why do you want to be on Facebook? Yeah I know, I know, you want to grow your business. But what are your...

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Why Should You Market on Facebook?

Why Should You Market On Facebook? Since you are reading this post, I’m going to take a wild guess that you recognize that it’s important that you market your business on Facebook. But do you know just HOW important it is? You’re not going to believe these statistics!...

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